Do you know that you can print notes with slides in PowerPoint 2016? Yes you can if you have the PowerPoint 2016. A few presenters usually rely on seeing private notes when going through the slides for an audience, and this feature becomes useful and helpful if you read off of a printed copy. PowerPoint lets you easily print your notes under each slide.

One of the handy features of the notes is that if you want a printed version with lines to write your own notes on the go, you can just select the 3 Slides option. 

So here’s how to print notes with slides in PowerPoint 2016.

Open PowerPoint 2016 on your pc.

Then click on File tab.

Then click Print.

Now select Full Page Slides.

So select Notes Pages. Like I said earlier if you want a version of your presentation that has ruled lines for writing new notes, just select 3 Slides.

Then click on Print. 

That’s it, you’ve successfully printed your PowerPoint slides with notes.

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