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Having issues when opening apps from unidentified developers macOS? How do you open apps from unidentified developers on macOS?

Mac OS is one of the best OS, which has a lot of restrictions and limitations to what you install and use on you mac. Although you can get a lot of useful apps right from the App Store, however, you may eventually run into some software you need urgently and simply isn’t available in the AppStore. So you have no choice but to install app from the site it is available.

And this can be annoying and troublesome because Mac won’t let you run apps that come from unidentified developers. This is done to protect you from malware and other forms of cyber criminal.

However, as always, the good news is that you can solve this with a very simple workaround and you don’t need to install any special tools/apps or edit any system settings.

All you have to do now is to follow the way I explained it.

Right-click on the app, then select “Open” instead of opening the app by double-clicking on it. Don’t open it the normal way by double-clicking on it, just right-click and click on “Open”. Then a similar warning dialog box as before will appear, but this one gives you the option to allow the app to run anyway.

The dialog box also has the details about when and where the file came from, which can help you to know the source is safe.

So if you ever want to run any unidentified developer apps, you can just the above guide to open it.

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