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Do you know you can make Siri read out your tweets in Twitter on iOS? Yes you can now make Siri read out loud your tweets easily. Siri can do a lot more than you think it can do on your iPhone or iPad. With the exception of surfing through the web, playing music, Siri can also control your iPhone/iPad device and connect with various apps for additional functionalities.

So in case you’re one of those Twitter fan, you use Twitter everyday and want a new way you can use to interact with Twitter, we’ve got an app that lets Siri to read out your tweets on Twitter for you. The app is known as Social Speaker, and it’s only available for $2 which is means you have to pay for it. It actually worth the amount paid, because, it does a good job when reading out your Tweets for you which saves you the trouble of using your Twitter app or through the web. 

Once you’ve your Twitter account connected to the app, you can start listening to your tweets through Siri.

First thing to do is to download, pay the $2 fee and install it. 

Then open the Social Speaker after installing.

Then login and connects your Twitter account. You’ll need to select a list that Siri will be reading the tweets out from. You can select from your timeline (i.e. everyone you follow), mentions, favorites, or any list you provide. In case you have many followers and follow too many accounts, selecting s Timeline will possibly be noisy and messy. So you can make a Twitter list that just includes your favorite accounts you want to use with this app.

Lastly, you’d have select how many tweets you want Siri to read at once (e.g 50 tweets) and in case you’d like to let Siri to start with the newest or oldest tweets too. 

Once you have this set up, you can easily say “Hey Siri, read messages using Social Speaker” or tap and hold down the home button and say “Read messages using Social Speaker.” With that, Siri will read the tweets on your Twitter out to you, and even ask if you want to reply. You can say “Yes” to mark that tweet for later follow-up.

This may perhaps unable to replace the normal Twitter app, but it’s still an interesting new way to read tweets from Twitter. Of course, you could just create a News list, and set Siri to read latest tweets from that list every morning.

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