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Do you know that you can install a screen recorder in PowerPoint 2016? PowerPoint makes it easier for you to create and embed a screen recording (often often known as screencast) inside a PowerPoint presentation. This is very handy useful when you want to explain something that happened or steps of a procedure on your display with a video. You’ll also have the options to add voice-over narration and/or your pointer arrow.

This helps especially when showing tutorial steps on your computer display in your presentation.

Here’s how to do that

Open PowerPoint 2016

Click on Insert tab at the top side.

Then click on Screen Recording

Then select the region of your screen you want to record.

Then click on Record to start recording. In case you don't want to add audio or your cursor pointer to your recording, just click on those buttons displayed, since they are automatically enabled.

Then a countdown will notify you that the recording is about to begin.

So click on Stop if yo are true with what you want to record.

From there, your recording is now automatically embedded into your presentation. So you can press Play to start the video whenever you open this slide.

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