Do you recently lose your Outlook data which includes your contacts data? Do you know that you can import contacts from a CSV file?

You may notice that you don’t you are left with no contacts you’ve collected over the years in a terrible data loss situation. That is why it is always a good idea to backup your data. We’ve already explain how you can backup your outlook data. You can head over to this article on how to do so.

Once you have your outlook contacts data backed up recently in a .csv file, you can then use that to import back your contacts. So we’re going to direct you in the right step for importing it back to Outlook. The process is actually a very simple one, and it takes only a few minutes depending on the size of your contact list.

So here’s how to do that 

Launch the Outlook desktop client/app.

Then click on the File tab at the top left corner and navigate to the settings menu.

Then click on “Open & Export” in the sidebar at the left side.
Now select Import/Export.

Then click on Import from another file and click on Next.

So select Comma Separated Values and click on Next.

Now click on Browse.

Then find the file, select it, and click on OK.

So select an option that can e used to manage duplicates by just clicking the correct circle and click Next. 

Then click on the Contacts folder and click on Next.

Then click on Finish.

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