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Do you know that you can use the auto archive feature in outlook to manage you mailbox from being flooded? Do you know that you can also edit how often Outlook archives mails, where the archive file is stored, and other many settings?

The Auto Archive feature in Outlook is mostly enabled by default and it helps to automatically archive your mails depending on the autoarchive settings. You can edit the autoarchive settings such as how often outlook archives mails, where the archive file is stored, how old mails can be before they can be archived and so many other settings. With this, you can transform the way you managed your archived mails. 

So here’s how to edit AutoArchive Feature Settings in Outlook 2016

Open the outlook desktop client app or head over to outlook.com on your web browser.

Click on “File” at the top left corner.

Then select “Options.”

So click on the “AutoArchive Settings” button at the “Advanced” section.

Then select any AutoArchive options you want. From there, you can disable AutoArchive feature. You can do that by unchecking the checkbox beside "Run AutoArchive every [X] days". You can also set its frequency and how old items have to be before they're archived. Furthermore, you can also set old items to be deleted instead of moved to an archive .pst file.

Once you’re through with editing your AutoArchive settings, click on OK to save your changes.

That’s all, easy right.

From there, your mails will start archiving depending on the settings you’ve made. In case you want to manually archive your Outlook mails, you can check out our article on how to do so. Also, you can check out our others article on Outlook. 
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