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Do you have Google Home device? Do you enjoy listening to to news on radio while on the way to your work with Google? If you enjoy listening to the news on the radio while going to work, you can get started by making your Google Home tell you the news in the morning. But, there are many news sources you can choose from, which makes it easier for you to listen to category news like tech news, business and so on. To do that you have to customize the news you want to listen to on Google Home.

Recently, Amazon changed the way you select what news sources you want to listen to on your Amazon Echo, which requires you to download individual Alexa Skills for each news source and this is stressful somehow. But, Google Home makes it easier for you to pick and choose what you want to listen to.

So here’s how to do so

Open the Google Home app on your smartphone. Then tap on the Devices button at the top-right corner of the screen.

Then tap on the menu button at the upper-right corner.

Now select “Settings”.

Then tap on “More”.

Then select “News”.

Now, a list of current news sources that Google Home uses will be displayed. However, you can tap on “Customize” to change this.

Just click on the checkbox next to a news source that you want to hear from, and uncheck any sources you don’t want.

The news sources are classified by topic; you can just scroll through and easily find sources you want based on the topic like business, tech and so on.

So head back to the previous screen by pressing the back arrow at the top-left corner once you’ve chosen the news sources you want.

Now tap and hold on the far right side of a news source in order to drag it up or down the list to arrange what you want to listen to first.

That’s all. So any changes you make will be save immediately. You can now exit out of the app and test the settings you’ve made up. 

So to start listening to news, just say “Ok Google, listen to the news”, then audio versions of your selected news sources will play in sequence. You can just say “Ok Google, stop” if you want to stop listening the news.

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