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Do you have Eero smarthome wifi device? Are you are a parent to two or more kids? If you have kids especially teens, then you might know how difficult it is to send them away from their computers and other devices so as to make them get their chores done on time.

Eero, the Wi-Fi system, has a feature that makes this easier for you to restrict your internet access. With the Eero Family Profiles feature, you can easily set time limits on each user and block them from internet access starting from the specified time, for example 8pm, and then restore it later in the following morning like 6am. It sounds easy right? Of course it is very easy to do so on Eero. 

Generally, this isn’t something you’ll be able to set up without navigating through your router’s settings and navigating through some baffling menus, however Eero makes it very easy to do through its mobile app. This saves a lot of trouble of getting your hands dirty with settings you don’t know anything about and you might end up messing the settings which can have effect on your Eero wifi.

Since you have Eero wifi system, you must have set it up already. In case you don’t have it and thinking whether you should buy it, go ahead and buy it then try it out. Eero is one of the best wifi systems smart devices. If you gotten one and you want to set it up, just head over to this article on how to do so.

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So open the Eero mobile app on your smartphone. 

Then tap on the menu button at the top-left corner of the screen. 

Then tap on “Family Profiles”.

Now select “Add a profile” at the bottom side of the app.

Now enter a profile name like “Tobby” it might be the name of your kid, and then tap on “Next” at the top-right corner.

Then select the devices that belong to the kid. You can select more than one device, as your kid could have a laptop, smartphone, and tablet. So once you’ve chosen the devices your kid is using, tap “Save” in the top-right corner.

Then tap on the pause button at the upper-right corner to manually disable internet access to these devices, and then tap on it again to re-enable internet access.

But, in case you would like to set up a schedule time to disable and enable internet access automatically, just tap on “Set a scheduled pause”.

Then tap on “Add a schedule”.

So beneath “Schedule name”, enter a custom name if you like.

You can set the start and end times for restricting internet access to the selected devices. So if you set the start time to be 11pm and the end time for 6am, this means that the devices won’t have internet access from 11pm until 6am. So tap on each one to set the time you want.

Beneath the “Frequency” sub-heading, you can set which days you want the schedule time to be activated and tapping on a day will enable or disable it. Once it’s active that day, it will be highligthed in blue.

Then tap on the toggle button next to “Enable” at the top side.

Then tap on “Save” at the top-right corner to save and activate the schedule.

The schedule will appear in the list of schedules for this user. You can always add more schedules if you want special times of the day to be limited also.

That’s it, extremely simple to do. You can actually do this any network with a router, given that most routers have some kind of parental controls in their internet settings. But, as stated beforehand, surfing through router settings can be stressful and boring for those who don’t know a lot about technology and networking. However, with Eero you can easily do it with some few steps as explained above.

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