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Do you have email signature set up on your Outloook account? If you don’t have it set up, you should try setting it up in order to make people know how to contact whenever you send them an email.

Just create and set up your email signature once, and every time you send a mail, people will be able to see the email signature and the information provided. This is just a simple way of making the recipients, to know how to contact you. You can include other important information of yours in the email signature, for instance your website address and the disclaimers you need to send. 

So here's how to create and set up your email signature in Outlook. With this, you don't have to keep typing the same information repeatedly.

How to Create a New Email Signature

Outlook lets you create multiple email signatures i.e one for each email account or a different signature for different canned replies.

So open your web browser and head over to outlook.com. Or open the outlook desktop client.

Then sign in if you are not logged in already.

Now click on New Email from the Home tab.

Then click Signature > Signatures… on the Message tab.

Then click the “New” button in the Signatures and Stationery window.

Then enter a desired name for the signature and click OK. For instance, you can name it "Account Signature."

Then enter your signature in the Edit signature box. With that, enter your name, job title, contact information, website address, and any other information you want to add to the signature and let it show whenever you send out an email.

Then click OK.

So note that this will be the default signature for new emails sent from your email account.

How to Insert a Different Email Signature

However, if you want to insert a new different email signature in mail, you can use the below steps to do that.

Then repeat the steps stated before to create a new email signature, which you can select and insert it to an email-by-email source by heading to the Insert > Signatures menu.

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