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Do you know that you can convert a PowerPoint presentation to PDF with PowerPoint 2016? Yes you can with PowerPoint 2016.

With PowerPoint 2016, you can convert a presentation into PDF file easily without the need of conversion tools. This feature can be very useful if you want to send a PowerPoint presentation and want to convert and share it a PDF file because the recipient doesn't have Office installed, so you can just share it as a PDF. This feature can also be use if you want to present a presentation and lock the presentation file to prevent editing.

So you don’t need a PDF converter or any other tools since you have this feature added to PowerPoint. So here's how to convert a presentation to a PDF in PowerPoint 2016.

Open PowerPoint 2016 on your computer

Then click on “File” in the top-left corner.

Then click on Export in menu displayed.

Then select “Create PDF/XPS.pppdf03”

Now click on Publish.

That’s all; you’ve successfully converted a PowerPoint presentation to a PDF.

(image credit: laptopmag)

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