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Do you have Amazon Echo and Eero Wi-Fi Home System? Do you know that you can control your Eero Wi-Fi network with the Amazon Echo?

Thanks to the powerful features of Alexa and its open API, you can control a large number of devices just using your voice and some voice commands. If you have the Eero Wi-Fi system, you can easily control your home network with the Amazon Echo.

The Eero Company recently made an update on both Eero system and the Eero app. Eero now has support for Alexa, so in case you have an Amazon Echo, Fire TV, or a newer Fire tablet, you can just use Alexa to control your Wi-Fi network with a handful voice commands. 

So here’s how to enable the new feature.

The first thing to do before you continue is to install the Eero third-party Alexa skill inside the Alexa app. Without this Alexa skill you won’t be able to control you Eero home Wi-Fi.

So open the Alexa app on your phone, then open the side menu and select “Skills”. Then search for “Eero” and enable the skill. 

Now, you’ll need to connect your Eero account with Alexa. Then enter in your email address connected to your Eero and verify it using a verification code given to you.

So once you’ve successfully installed the Eero Alexa skill and connected your Eero account to Amazon Echo, then you are ready to issue voice command. However, the voice commands you can issue to Eero now are small, but you can still do some pretty cool things with the ones available. 

So we’ve taken our time to show and explain some voice command examples:

One of the things you can command Eero to do is to look for your phone.

“Alexa, ask Eero to find my phone.” 

Then Alexa will tell you which Eero unit your phone is linked to, which will locate the area and help you to find your phone quicker if you misplaced it in your house or apartment. Another thing you can give your devices custom nicknames in the Eero app in order to differentiate them.

“Alexa, tell Eero to pause the internet.” 

Issuing this voice command will disable your home’s Wi-Fi network which will make your devices not to connect to the internet. This is a good feature you can use to get your kids to do their chores on. Of course, you can set it up with your Eero app. All you need to do is to set up family profiles in the Eero app. We’ve explained how you can do that in one of our articles. Do check it if you want to set up yours. Additionally, you can’t turn on/enable the internet access from the Amazon Echo. You can only resume internet access from the Eero app.

“Alexa, tell Eero to turn off the LEDs.” 

This voice command will turn off the small LED lights on all Eero units you have connected in your house. 

You can also say “Alexa, tell Eero to turn off the lights” instead.

You can also tell Alexa to only turn off the light on a specific Eero unit by just saying “Alexa, tell Eero to turn off Living Room light.” 

Just like the how you can’t enable the Eero Wi-Fi Network with Amazon Echo, so also you can’t ask Alexa to turn the lights back on. So you can only do it through the Eero app instead.

So those are the handful of things you can do with Alexa and Eero. However, hopefully the library of voice commands features will get a bit larger in the future. 

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