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Do you know that you can connect your Skype and Microsoft accounts together? With Skype and Microsoft being under the same company, there’s no reason for you to stress yourself and manage multiple logins. You know you can in fact use one password for Microsoft and Skype rather than trying to manage multiple logins for your accounts. 

So we’ve got a guide on how to do just that.

Open your web browser and head over to account.microsoft.com

So in case you’re already logged in with your Microsoft account, you will have to log out and the log back in with your Skype account information. 

Once you’ve signed in with your Skype account, you may be asked to update your account with a backup email address for your account recovery in case of future problem.

Then Microsoft will recommend the email address connected with your Skype account. So click on the Next button to use that email address. You can also add a new email address if you want a new one instead.

Now in case you don’t have a Microsoft account, just confirm your backup email address and your Skype account will be modified and connected to a Microsoft account. And in case you already have a Microsoft account, just enter your Microsoft account password, and then verify that you want to connect your Skype/Microsoft accounts together.

So with this, you can easily start Skype conversations without the need to log in your Skype account again as long as your Microsoft account is logged in.

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