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Do you know that you can make Kodi to automatically play the next episode? Yes, you can do that, with some few tweaks.

When you are too tired or you don’t want to pick up the remote while watch a TV show, you can easily make kodi to play the next episode for you automatically. All you have to do is to lie down and let kodi handle everything. So here’s how to set up Kodi to play the next episode of a TV show when the current one finish playing similar to the way Netflix works.

Before you can do this, you’ll need to install an add-on called Next Up Notifications. Next Up Notifications is an add-on for Kodi that brings the automatic playing next episode feature to the Kodi media center application. So here’s how to set it up, and how it works.

Step 1: Installing Next Up add-on in Kodi

Installing add-ons on Kodi is extremely easy. Since Next Up Notifications add-on is available in Kodi’s core repository, you can easily install it. 

The first thing to do is to head over to System.

Then from there, head to Add-ons.

Then head to Install menu from Repository > All Repositories > Services. From there you’ll able to find “Nextup Service Notification” in the add-on list. So select the plugin, and then click on “Install.”

Then you can start using the add-on after installing it. 

Step 2: Using Next Up 

To know how Next up works and use it, watch a TV show in your local library. So at the end of each episode, when there are like 30 seconds left, a small notification popup will appear at the bottom right corner.

You can just press “Enter” on your keyboard or press “OK” on your remote to immediately play the next episode. Or you can just wait for 30 seconds, and the next episode will start automatically.

Also, you’ll be prompted to verify if will still be watching every three episodes. This is very handy in case you fall asleep, or leave the room.

In case you’d like to adjust how this plugin works, you can head back to the “Services” menu where you previously installed the add-on. Then select the add-on and then click on “Configure.” From there you’ll see some.

You can change the number of seconds that start the notifications from these options, which is very useful in case most of the shows you watch always have one – two-minute of credits. From there, you can also decide if episodes play automatically or not after the countdown completes. And in case you’re not fond of the “Still watching?” question feature, you can just disable the feature, or simply change how many episodes to play before the question comes up.

You’ll also see the “Advanced” tab, where you’ll find more advanced options.

From this tab, you can easily disable the add-on without uninstalling it. You can also choose if short videos should be supported or not, and what identifies a short video.

The Next Up Notification can be an add-on, however it can really can transform the way you watch TV. 

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