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Not finding the list of running services in the settings menu in android 6.0 and above? How do you access the list of running apps in android 6.0 and above?

You can access the list of running apps in android 5.x and below by heading to settings > Apps > Running. Easy, isn’t it? However, in Android 6.0 and above, Google moved this menu to another location. So you have to head to a new place to see the list of running apps. It’s not difficult to find the settings, but it’s a little trickier. 

Actually, Google hid it in order to prevent normal users from tampering with it. There is need of accessing the menu, since you are not a developer? Normally, you wouldn’t be using it, so that’s probably the reason Google hid this setting in Marshmallow and above. However, there are some situations when you might need to head into the Running Services menu. 

One of the main reasons of using the Running Services menu is to know whats going on in the background if an app is misbehaving. It mostly use by Developers to test their apps. Maybe an app is frequently force closing and you want to kill the process or maybe there’s an app running in the background eating your battery. Either way, knowing where to look is always the start of a good investigation.

So here’s how to access list of running apps on Marshmallow (or above).

Like I mentioned before, you can access list of running apps by heading to Settings > Apps > Running on Android 5.x and above. 

So to access list of running apps menu in Marshmallow, you’ll first of all have to enable Developer Options. You can do this by heading into Settings, then tap on About Phone.

Now tap on the Build Number seven times, and then a toast notification will appear saying “you become a developer.” So after doing that, a new menu labeled “Developer Options” will appear below the About Phone menu in the settings main menu.

Tap on Developer Options in settings menu. Then in the Developer Options menu, you should see “Running services” option, tap on it. Then from there, you’ll be able to access the running services.

However, this isn’t something you should tamper with, because you might accidentally kill some Android process that can make your Android fail. Well, it’s a good thing to know where to access this just in case you ever need to use it in the future. The list of running apps/services is now in Developer option which shows that it is really for developers and geeky person.

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