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Are you suffering from Emotional Bullying? Have you ever been bullied emotionally? Or are you being bullied emotionally? If so, you should consider reading this article on how to know if you are being emotionally bullied.

What is Emotional Bullying?

Emotional bullying is something most people usually remember and thinking about sadly. Emotional bullying is when a person tries to get what they want by making others feel angry or afraid. 

Emotional bullying is quite common among teenagers, especially when it comes to spreading rumors.

A number of people are being bullied by family members, so -called friends, or sometimes coworkers. It is very significant to know where such behavior comes from, it can either be your surroundings, family, environment, or from life experiences. 

Most people think that only children experience emotional bullying which is very wrong. Emotional bullying does not only affect children, but affects adults also. In actual fact, most adults are either emotional bullies or have experienced being emotionally bullied at some point in their life. 

An example of being emotionally bullied includes talking badly and brutally about people behind their backs, spreading bad rumors, and gossiping. An emotional bully will always try to pressurize someone else into doing what they want by distressing them emotionally.

The main point of this article will be being able to know whether you are being emotionally bullied or if you are an emotional bully. This will help to put you in tune with your authentic self if you are able to identify. I’m talking about the real you, not the you who others like your friends or colleagues see on the outside but your inner heart. It is very significant for you to know the effects of being emotionally bullied and how you can have the desire to make some amends to your emotional life and relationships.

So we’ve mentioned five ways you can use to know if you are an emotional bully or a victim of emotional bullying:


Have you ever being or you usually find yourself in a situation whereby you feel as if you are being pressurized or forced to do something you don’t want to do? And yet you find it hard to say no whether you are doing it deliberately or being forced to do it.

For instance, your partner always argue and fight with you whenever you do not listen or satisfy them or they do not get their. After arguing for sometime you finally decided to give in and do their wish. Am I right?

As a result of this you slowly lose your self-respect and feel outnumbered, sad, and alone.

Irrational Expectations

Many of us have people in your life who have high expectations for us. This is actually a good thing and can even a motivator and an encouragement for you. However, if your expectations become so irrational, that is nothing you ever do is good enough or may not expect what you are expecting. This can subject you to be an emotionally bullied victim.

Therefore, you will always feel criticized, feeble and weak. As a result, you may feel terrible and conquered because you are in a dire condition.

Blaming People

An emotional bully usually blames everybody excluding themselves for problems they are facing. They will hold you responsible you for their failures, life difficulties, or any bad thing that happens to them. The emotional bullying of this temperament includes the bully acting as the victim and trying to redirect the blame to you or hold you responsible instead of taking personal responsibility for their actions and find solution.

As a result of this you began questioning yourself, character and personality as a person. You will start finding fault in your morals and values.

Silent Plague

Another way to know you are emotionally bullied is suffering from silent plague. When I mentioned silent plague, I am talking to those who are subjected to emotional bully in the workplace, high school and keep silent. For instance, your boss or co-worker or class might yell, insult and exploit you. 

As a result of this, you won’t be happy with yourself, because you couldn’t stand up to protect and defend yourself. You start losing your confidence and self-esteem.
One of the easiest way of knowing if you are being emotionally bullied is if you are frustrated, angry with your self, sad and thinking about how you couldn’t stand up to defend your self. 

Women are usually the victim of emotional bully most. Generally, women are more elusive than men. Women are always emotional than men. So women are always being subjected to emotional bully most.

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