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Did you know that you can easily and quickly tweet to your Twitter account directly from your Chrome Address bar or omnibox? Yes you can with the help of Google Chrome extension called Chromnitweet.

Chromnitweet is a chrome extension used to post to twitter quickly from the chrome address bar or omnibox directly. With it you can easily post a link you are currently viewing from the omnibox (we’ll be using the word “omnibox” as the chrome address bar in this guide).

The process to start tweeting from your Chrome omnibox is extremely simple. You have to go and download and install the Chromnitweet extension on your chrome browser from the Chrome webstore.

Then click on “Add to Chrome”.

Click on “Add Extension”.

Then you will be prompted to authorize your Twitter account with it.

So after authorizing it, then you can start to tweet from the address bar by typing tw and press the spacebar button. Then this will switch the Omnibox into twitter status update box automatically. You’ll be able to know it worked well if see Chromnitweet in the Omnibox. 

Just like the Twitter status update box, as you type, Chromnitweet will show you how many characters you have left. You will also receive a notification when the tweet is posted.

Chromnitweet is very useful when it comes to posting links to Twitter; by using it directly from the same window you’re viewing the site.

A quick way to tweet from the omnibox quickly is using the trick below:

Type in

“tw [Your Tweet Here]”
“tw Hey Guys”

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