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Apple Pay is now one of the most popular mobile online payment systems in the world. Apple Pay is available in many countries like U.S., UK, China, Australia, Canada, Switzerland, e.t.c. It has given an enormous boost to mobile payment. 

You can now use Apple Pay on your Mac also with the use of macOS Sierra. However, it is a lot easier when using the Apple Pay mobile payment system on the new MacBook Pro with Touch ID. So you need to first set up Apple Pay on your Mac or MacBook Pro before you can use it. 

Go ahead and check this article on how to set it up on iPhone. We’ll explain two ways you can do this on the new MacBook Pro.

How to enable Apple Pay on MacBook Pro

Launch the Safari Browser app.

Then head to Safari → Preferences.

Then click on Privacy tab.

So you need to click on the checkbox next to Apple Pay. Ensure the checkbox is checked. This is to let websites to prompt you with the payment option.

How to enable Apple Pay on MacBook Pro using Touch Bar

It’s a lot easier to authorize payments using the new MacBook Pro with Touch Bar and Touch ID. By default, you will be prompted to set up Apple Pay on your new MacBook Pro during the set-up process. So if you’ve skipped that, you can always set it up whenever you need it.

Navigate to System Preferences → Wallet & Apple Pay.

Then press the + (plus) button to add a new credit or debit card. Then place your card in front of the iSight camera to let it read its number. You can also do it manually by entering the card information.

Then accept the card’s terms and conditions.

So you should receive a notification confirming that it can now be used with Apple Pay after your bank has authorized your card.

We already have an article on how to use it on Mac so ensure you check it out

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