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Do you know that you can easily use Siri on iOS 10 to send money with PayPal? Yes, you can use Siri to send money with PayPal with iOS 10.2 installed on your iPhone.

You can now easily ask Siri to send a message on WhatsApp, order it to book restaurant flight ticket and much more by means of iOS 10 allowing developers to access Siri. PayPal for iOS has recently made the procedure for sending money to people more easier with the use of Siri.

All you need to do is to start Siri on your iPhone and tell it how much money to send and to whom you want to send the money to. Siri will follow your order completely without any hitch. So here’s how to do just that

Note: Ensure you have PayPal account set up/configured on your iPhone.

The first thing to do is to update the PayPal app on your iPhone to the latest version 6.7. You can use the link here or simply open App Store, tap on the Updates tab at the bottom side, then tap on PayPal app and update it. So in case you don’t have it before you can simply search for it in App Store.

Then start Siri then give your command. You can Siri by just pressing and holding the Home button.

Then give your command to Siri, for instance you can say:

“Send $50 to [any person].”

You can just say the command ending with a name.

“Send $50 to “John”.”

Then tap “Yes” to allow Siri to access your PayPal information.

Then you will have to select the email or phone number of the person you would like to send the money to.

Then tap on Send to confirm the transaction.

That’s all!

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