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WhatsApp just recently added support for GIFs files. So this means you can now send and use those annoying, funny and meme repeating images to friends and family, which makes chatting with them interesting and livelier. 

While GIFs are everywhere these days on the Internet and there is the possibility that if you spend some minutes on Facebook or Twitter then you’re bound to encounter a GIF sooner or later. Well the reason is GIFs let you express an opinion, your judgment and yourself without having to say anything. Actually, there is this saying that says “A picture is worth a thousand words, but a GIF is worth a million words.” Isn’t it?

So people using WhatsApp on iOS device can now easily search, create, and send GIFs directly from within WhatsApp, only if you have the very latest update of WhatsApp.

However there different ways you can use to send GIFs on WhatsApp:

You can send any GIFs saved on your smartphone to WhatsApp.

You can easily copy and paste any GIF link you find online into the text field in WhatsApp.

You can just convert any video into a GIF by just editing the length down in order to make it less than six seconds.

You can also send a Live Photo as a GIF image, if you’re using a device that supports 3D Touch.

Also, you can just pick a GIF from the integrated GIF search engine mostly powered by Giphy or Teno

The reason I’m writing about the different ways you can use to send gifs on WhatsApp aside from the normal way is because currently, the support for GIFs is only available on WhatsApp for iOS. To the iOS users, you need to make sure you have the latest version of WhatsApp which is v2.16.15 is installed on your iOS device.

Android devices aren’t yet supported. However, Android is bound to get the latest update within weeks. 

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