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Have you ever been in a situation whereby you are posting on Instagram and at the same time you need to close the app to quickly attend to an important thing? So if you ever have to quit Instagram while posting any photo or video, you can easily save the post as a draft so that you don’t have to start adding the caption, tags or location afresh.

It’s really cool and fun to post photos and videos on Instagram. You can quickly turn your image into nice cool image with Instagram filtering features and available editing options.

With the Instagram feature that lets you save the post as draft, you don’t have to worry about writing a caption or adding location afresh if you ever need to leave the app while writing the post. Therefore, you can keep yourself at speed with Instagram even during the chaotic work schedule. 

So here’s how to do just that

Open the Instagram app on your iOS device.

Then tap on the Camera tab at the bottom.

Then tap on the Camera Icon in the Instagram App.

You can either take a new photo/video or select one of your cool photos from your Camera Roll here.

Then apply any effects to photo or just edit your photo. Then, write a caption.

Now tap on the back arrow at the top left of the screen in order to go back to the filtering screen.
Then tap on the back arrow at the top-left corner again.

So you should be able to see a warning message at the bottom saying “If you go back now, your image edits will be discarded.”

And there are three options available: Save Draft, Discard, and Cancel.

Then select the Save Draft option to save it as draft. So your post is now saved as a draft.

How to Access Instagram’s Saved Draft on iPhone and iPad

So how do you access the Instagram Saved Drafts? By default, any saved Instagram draft will be stored in the Photos app on your iOS device. You can easily access it from the Photos app and Instagram.

Launch Instagram on your iPhone.

Then tap on the Camera tab at the bottom-side of the screen.

Then tap on Library at the bottom-side of the screen.

From there you should be able to see your saved post under Draft. So you can also share it as usual.

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