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Have you ever wondered of restoring the Clean Up options in Finder on Mac? The Clean Up feature in Finder is one of the best and fastest ways to clean up any disorganized folders. It’s primarily used for the Desktop, but can also be used in Finder.

However, you might notice that the “Clean Up By” and “Clean Up Selection” options are grayed out if you are in the View menu. 

Well the thing is that these options are only available when you’re in Icon view. That means if you’re using any other view type like Columns, and Cover Flow. So you have to switch to the Icon view which can be done by clicking on the four-in-a-square button.

However, if the Clean Up options are still grayed out like before, then you can use this last resort which is to head to View > Arrange By > None settings.

So you have to set it to “None” because the “Arrange By automatically” features keeps your folder arranged according to the arrangement method. Therefore the Clean Up feature will be available if you aren’t using any of these auto-arrangement features.

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