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Have you ever accidentally deletes or lost your Spotify Playlists? It is very annoying whenever we mistakenly delete our files, so it happens on Spotify as well any other place. However, deleting a playlist isn’t that bad as deleting some of your important files or mistakenly formatting your hard drive data, it’s the most annoying whereby you’ll wish not have even touch your device earlier.

Luckily, Spotify has a feature that lets you recover your deleted playlists easily. Actually, most users don’t know this feature exists.

You’ll be using the Spotify website to do this. At the time of writing, there is no way you can use to recover Spotify playlists through the desktop or mobile apps. So this has to be done in Spotify official site.

Go ahead and visit the Spotify site.

Then log into your account.

Head over to your account dashboard.

Then click on Recover playlists at the sidebar.

Then click on Restore for the playlist you want back.

Spotify’s Playlists are recoverable if you’re a normal user or enjoying the benefits of Premium. Another thing is there doesn’t seem to be a limit as for how long deleted playlists are stored or how many deleted playlists are tracked.

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