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Do you know that you can listen to Spotify on Google Home? Yes you can with just some few steps. Google Play Music is the default Google Home’s music provider is Google Play Music, however, the Google Home also have supports for Spotify. Here’s how to link your Spotify account to your Google Home to play all of the third-party music you’d ever want.

Similar to Alexa, you can always change the default music service. After changing it to Spotify, you can easily say “Ok Google, play The Weekend”, it will automatically use Spotify to play the music specified instead of Google Play. You can also tell Google Home to play a particular Spotify playlist. 

Of course, you can still use Google Play Music whenever you want to. All you just have to say is “Play Drake on Google Play Music”. 

Google home usually prompt you to choose a music provider you will be using, so in case you chose Spotify and connected your account, then you are good to go. But if you chose the default music provider and you now want to change it to Spotify, here’s how to do just that.

So open the Google Home app on your smartphone. 

Then tap on the Devices button at the top-right corner of the screen.

Then tap on the menu button at the upper-right corner.

Then select “Settings”.

Now, tap on “Music”.

Then select “Spotify” from the list displayed.

So a pop-up dialog will pop up prompting you to connect your Spotify account to your Google account. Tap “Link Account”.

Then tap on “Log In to Spotify”.

So type in your username and password for Spotify or you can chose to log In with Facebook if that’s how you usually log. So tap on “Log with Facebook” and then hit “Log In”.

Then tap “Okay” to verify that you’ve linked your Spotify account to your Google account.

So from now, Spotify will be your Google Home’s default music provider. In case you wish to disconnect your Spotify account, you can simply tap on “Unlink”.

So if you command your Google Home to play any music, it will play it thrugh Spotify. And of course you don’t need to add “on Spotify” to the sentence you saying to it. For instance, “Ok Google, play Black Beatles by RaeSremmurd on Spotify”. You don’t have to do that, just say “Ok Google, play Black Beatles by RaeSremmurd” or “Ok Google, play my Christmas playlist” and this will tell the Google Home to search your Spotify library for that playlist or song and start playing it.

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