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Is your Google Pixel space cluttered and filled with useless or junk files? It’s annoying when you find out that your Phone storage is filled up with junk files. So how do you free up storage on the Google Pixel? Extremely easy, just follow the steps provided in this guide.

You’ll want to ensure there's lots of free space for your apps, games, songs, videos and other stuff as phone user, however, Google Pixel does not have an expandable storage. So you’ll have to remove some useless files on it.

Fortunately, Google makes it easier to free up storage with it built-in tools on it Pixel devices.

So we’ll using two of those tools in this tutorial, the general one built into the phone's storage settings, and the one built into Google Photos itself.

How to free up space by deleting photos and videos uploaded on Cloud

You can now easily free up your phone space by deleting the photos and videos that are already uploaded in Google Photos on cloud. Google has makes it easier to delete those photos and video stored on cloud already to free up space.

So to do this, open Google Photos from the home screen.

Then tap on the menu bar (three-line icon) or just swipe in from the left to open the side menu.

Then tap on "Free up space" in the menu.

Then wait for the Google photos app to arranged photos saved in the cloud.

Then tap on Remove in order to delete them from your phone.

The deleted photos and videos are still available, in their full quality, on Google Photos which is saved in cloud. You can just tap on the greyed-out version in Google Photos and tap Download if you want still want them again locally.

How to free up space by removing useless apps and old downloads

The Google Pixel has a hidden handy tool in the settings that frees up files that hasn't been used for some times. The phone just calculates which files have not been used in over 30 days, and allows you to delete them with one tap.

To do this, swipe down on the notification shade in order to open the notification drawer.

Then tap on the Settings icon (cog icon).

Then scroll down and tap on Storage.

Tap on the menu button (three-dot icon) at the top-right corner.

Then tap on Free up space.

Now select the items you would like to remove (Photos, Downloads, Apps) and tap on “Free up” button at the bottom-right corner of the screen.

So from there it will delete those selected items. You'll be able to see how much extra space you have by pressing back. 

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