How to Customize the Honor 8 Navigation Bar


Are looking for a way to customize the Navigation bar on your Honor 8 in order to make it stylish and cools? Fortunately, there are different methods you can use to have it set up, and switching between the Navigation bar styles easily.

This will only take a few seconds whether you want to arrange the order or add a shortcut in order to bring the notification pane down quickly. So below are the simple steps to customize your Honor 8 phone navigation bar.

Using the Default Settings

Launch the Settings app through the menu screen or the Notification shade.

Then scroll down and tap on Smart assistance.

Then tap on Navigation bar.

Then select customization option you would like to use.

With a few taps on the screen, you’ll be able to easily switch the Navigation bar on your Honor 8. You will get the back, home and multitasking buttons by default. However you can rearrange them to suit your liking, or include the option that will bring down and up the notification shade.

And in case you end up switching to something you don’t like, you can just easily switch it back to a different one. 

Using Third-Party Apps

Another way to customize your Honor 8 is using third-party apps that are designed to customize Navigation bars.

We’ll recommend one of the best apps called Navbar Apps which can be downloaded on Google Play Store. So download, install and launch the app. Then follow onscreen instructions to set it up.

With it you can choose any color for your Navbar. You can also choose image as background or to match color automatically in order to fit it the running app color. You can even add some data, like battery level. Navbar Apps app does NOT need ROOT access. 

You can use it with almost all Android devices.

Unfortunately, Huawei’s Android devices are not supported due to their EMUI skin features.