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Have you ever be in a situation whereby whenever you open you Outlook mailbox you are always frustrated due to some annoying and useless mails? Of course you can delete those mails but that waste time a lot or you can unsubscribe from some useless newsletter or annoying mailing list. So the best way is to completely block those annoying email addresses sending those mails. 

Luckily, Outlook has a Block Sender features that will let you to filter spammers' email to the junk folder manually – but this kinda slow anyway.

The email client allow you to block senders by typing the individual email addresses in and it also lets you perform the same action by using the right-click menu options. So here are steps for blocking annoying email addresses and senders.  

 Now there are two methods you can use to do this which are:

Method 1: Blocking Someone in Outlook Using their Email Address

Open your Outlook mailbox.

Then click on Junk under the Home tab.

Then select Junk E-mail Options.

Then click on Blocked Senders.

Then click Add.

Then enter an email address you would like to block and click OK. You can repeat the above steps if there is a need.

So from now on, any mails sent from that email address will go directly into your junk folder.

Method 2: Blocking Someone in Outlook 2016 Using A Mail

Open your Outlook mailbox.

Then you’ll need to right-click on a mail in the Outlook.

Then click on Junk.

Then click on Block Sender. 

Select OK.

So from now on any mails sent from that sender will go straight into your junk folder.

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