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Online content acts as a major role in promoting most online businesses. Of course it is not easy to manage all of the content. And if you can’t control all the content, it can take a lot of time and won’t be beneficial for the business in any way.

You can find tons of different tools available to make things easier for those content writers. The tools make it easier and faster for you to manage all of the content. Some tools have a lot of features like calendars which are public and private together with collaboration tools and other content management systems. Some has features which can be used to automate publishing and it can also help the teams to create insights in using more time in creating content and using less energy in managing it.


WordPress is a highly an accessible and free website or blog creator. It is one of the most used open source platforms/website for creating website and blogs. It is extremely easy when it comes to installing and using it. It has a huge number of users and community of developers which results in a large significant number of useful and extensive plugins.

It has an extensive bonus of templates and it also provides simple PHP and CSS editing feature in order to be able to edit and alter some of the files and it also have proofreading services. The editing is carried out in the user friendly admin panel and it is one of the reasons people prefer to use it. It is considered suitable for personal blogs, websites, dynamic sites and as well as e-commerce sites.


With this, you don’t need to have any knowledge of coding in order to use this CMS application. ModX is one of the best CMS apps and it is extremely easy to use. It gives a chance to the non-technical staff to create a noteworthy content. It provides different advantages which includes the availability of several styles which are available on the same page. It is one of the best and an excellent tool because it decreases the need of hiring an SEO expert. It is developed in similar manner with most search engines and it provides all the information which is required by Google, etc. and it doesn’t require any other additional plugins.


Beegit is simply a mutual or joint app that allows teams to get connected, work together and create excellent content. It presents the team with smooth communication, calendar, and the workflow in just one place. With it, you can easily get all the joint writing tools in the same location. Beegit has a lot of features which includes inline comments, editorial calendar and management of team, markdown editor and image CND.


Ceros is an interactive content platform designed basically for the designers and marketers. With ceros, you can create gripping and nice infographics, sales assets, magazines and e-books for engaging the audience. So it isn’t necessary or essential to have coding skills in order to have excellent experience with the tool. Ceros has an attractive collection of animation and interactive effects.

And of course there is a drawback to the creativity with this tool. You can easily connect it directly to the content which is hosted by Ceros. You can organize your personal content or the content which is embedded in other sites and apps. It provides you with the ability to analyze how the audience is engaging with your content. With it, you can add events that are time-triggered and can also create smart groups along with pinned objects.


TextPattern is one of the best tools which have a neat and responsive interface for admin and the design of the interface is flexible to use. It is very suitable for creating blogs and corporate websites. It is the best tool for you if you are looking for a way to transfer data from another CMS because it has a good import tools. 

You can easily block unwanted comments by using the built-in anti-spam system in TextPattern. It also lets you to extend the basic functionalities of your site because it supports and has a large range of plugins. You just can install them through the browser window.


Drupal is one of the most popular open source CMS. Drupal should be among the first choices if you are looking for a way to building a new website. It is also outstanding when it comes to managing your personal blogs or great enterprise websites. It also has supports for extensive range of modules which you can integrate to improve the functionality of the tool.


Concrete5 is an excellent choice for you if you want to create or manage a site without investing a lot of money and time. Concrete5 is very useful when it comes to saving time which makes it the best choice for developers, website owners, and designers. Concrete5 has a user friendly interface which makes it very easy to use and allows you to focus on only content writing.

So we’ve listed some of the best tools that will help you to improve your productivity in content writing. And of course there are still various excellent tools you can use. So to select the best content management system you will be using, there are several things you need to consider. So ensure the tool you want you want to use meets your expectations, goals and the reason for your site. So it isn’t clever to select one tool over another without knowing how you can use it to meet your expectations which can result in wasting a lot of time. The tools stated above are some of the useful tools you can select from.

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