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The Chrome OS has been more than “just a browser” for a long time. In view of the fact that it basically needs an active internet connection for most activity. Basically web apps are the backbone of the Chrome OS ecosystem. However, but did you know that you can easily turn any web page into a web app i.e. you can easily open it from the taskbar? 

Google Chrome generally, already has a bookmarks bar that provides quick access to specific websites with just the click of a button. So also, you can add pages to the Chrome OS shelf for even faster access. So there is no need to open a Chrome window or access it from Chrome. And this can be done with any page. You can easily use this to quickly access some of the awesome sites you love to visit. 

 In order to do this, navigate to the web page you would like to add to the Chrome OS shelf. After opening the site, just click the three-button menu at the top right corner.

Then hover the mouse over the “More tools” option and second menu will show up.

Then click on “Add to shelf.” And a dialog box will appear in the top-middle of the screen.

After testing it, I noticed some pages happen to work better as standalone apps. So instead of always running in Chrome’s main window, a utility running in its own window offers much more Windows-like feel. 

And in case you’d like to have your web app as a standalone window. Then go ahead and check the “Open as window” box. Remember that the app will just launch in the main Chrome window if you didn’t have this checkbox checked.

You can rename the app to anything you like in the “Add to shelf” dialog.

So once you’re done with the settings, just click the “Add” button. Then the new app will be added to the shelf.

And in case you’ve already checked the “Open as window” box and decided that you don’t want to use that option. So you can just right-click on the shelf icon and uncheck the “Open as window” option.

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