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Did you know that almost 90% of Android users are exposed to Cyber Attacks? On a daily basis, millions of people all over the globe use their smartphones, however many people don’t understand that their Smartphones are not completely secure and can be attacked by the Cybercriminals easily. In case you are using an Android smartphone, you have to take some procedures to protect yourself from internet fraud and identity theft. 

You can easily lose a whole lot more than just contact information and other daily information to Cyber theft! Because someone could end up getting your financial information, important information and then you would really be in a mess. You can as well lose things that are very personal and crucial to you, including photos, social media accounts, documents, emails, and more, or even worse, your personal information could be shared online for the world to see.

So with these things at the back of your mind, you should know that Cyber attacks are big deal i.e. if you haven’t procured some procedures to protect yourself from it. We’ve explained some important things you can do to tighten your Android device security.

Encrypting Your Data

Data encrypting is encrypting and securing your data with a secret code that only you know i.e. if you won’t tell anyone. Encryption helps to boost your dvice security, and you easily do this on most smartphone via the settings. So you will need to provide a password in order to have to access any of your data once this is on.

Locking all Apps

You have to lock all of your important apps and can even all instead. This is very important for some of your apps that contain personal or financial information that you don’t want any other person to see. You can easily do that by going to Google Play Store and then search “App Locker”. Different types of good and handy App locking apps will be available. You can try to download anyone, but I will recommend you to download App Lock. You can also search in individual apps and disable any options that permit simple and easy access.

Using Built-In Security

There are many security options integrated on Android and one of them is the screen lock.  There are different screen locks available, from passwords to pins to patterns to face unlock. Just make sure that you are using at least of the screen locks that found in your Android settings. So make your passwords, pins and patterns are not easy to guess.

Using the Best VPN Service

It is very important to use the appropriate VPN for your Android device, however there are tons of them out there and can be difficult to know which one is good for your actual needs or compatible with your Android device. So you are free to do your research before you choose, and be sure to consider all the options carefully.

By Not Saving Passwords On Your Device

Many people save all of their passwords to sites and online services they make use of. However, if you do this, and someone has illegal access to your device, they will easily have access to all of your passwords which includes your financial account and so on. So do not save them on your Android device, especially, banking and payment apps unless you use a way to prevent people to your apps.

Creating Multiple User Accounts

In case you are the type that shares your device with other people (spouse, children, etc.), it is very important that each user has their own accounts in order to protect your own privacy. If you are using a new tablet, you can just create guest accounts for different users just like on your computer.

Installing Antivirus Software

There are tons of handy antivirus softwares available for Android devices, and we strongly recommend that you install one. All smartphones are mostly hand-held computers, and they have tendency to be attacked by malwares and viruses just like any other computer.

Keep An Eye Out For Safe Apps Download

There are tons of softwares and applications that are available for Android devices and you could one day end up accidentally downloading harmful applications.  So you need to pay attention to the smart phone agency terms and application before downloading any app. You can set your antivirus to check every app that installs i.e. if you are using of the best Anti-Virus for Android.

Avoiding Financial Transactions on Unsecured Device

Always make sure that you are not carrying out any type of financial transactions on your unsecured smartphones or tablet, because you phone might get stolen. If you must carry out any online financial transactions, be sure to use a secured smartphone or better still a private home computer that is password protected. You can even get a dedicated Internet line to your home and that is better, because there is no assurance that others in the neighborhood won’t use your service and perhaps access your information.

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