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There’s no reason you should have to see Apple Pay open on your iPhone’s lock screen every time you accidentally double-click the Home button if you are not using Apple Pay. That was added to the Home button as a shortcut if you quickly want to access Apple Pay. So here’s how to turn off that shortcut, at the same time still allows you access to Apple Pay whenever you need to.

Apple Pay can be very useful, particularly if you can see merchants that accept it, because not every merchant have started using Apple Pay. Apple Pay also gives us the advantage of not trying to rack our brain to remember your credit card number in order to give to merchants. Apple pay is easier to use than digging out your credit or debit card, swiping the card, and then entering a PIN. 

Alternatively, they get a one-time code that’s approved for a single charge. So to use it, all you need to do is to hold your thumb over the Home button and wave the phone at the terminal. You can also double-click the Home button on the lock screen to view the cards and passes in your wallet by default. So if you are the type that uses Apple Pay often, then there’s no need for you to do this unless you just don’t like the way it comes up anytime you double-tap the Home screen button.  And if you are not the type, and you’re tired of it opening up every time, here’s how to turn that part off.

Navigate to your Settings app and tap on “Wallet & Apple Pay.”

Turn off the “Double-Click Home Button” option on the “Wallet & Apple Pay” menus.

Very simple, isn’t it? Yes. Having Apple Pay show up when you don’t need it can be pretty annoying. But you can easily turn the shortcut off and you can still get to your cards and passes easily enough by just unlocking your phone and opening up the Wallet app.

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