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Facebook just recently added Secret Conversations to their social media services, it is a feature added to Facebook Messenger mobile app which encrypts messages from one device to another. Facebook added that the encryption feature allows users to send messages that can’t be seen by anyone.

The messages are encrypted with the use of Signal and it is a protocol created by Open Whisper Systems, it is also used by WhatsApp.

The downside about this is that the Facebook Messenger’s encrypted conversations won’t include group messages, gifs, videos, voice or video calling, or payments. So you can’t start encrypted group conversations.

We’ll explain how you can start the encrypted conversations
Open the Facebook Messenger app, head to your profile, and tap on "Secret Conversations". Then toggle-on the toggle button to enable it.

Then choose contact you want to send the message to from the usual list, and then tap the Secret button at the top right-hand corner. Alternatively, you can just the tap on the “Create New Message button”. 

So from there you can start the encrypted conversation. Note that notification will not identify who the message is from in case someone sends you an encrypted message.

If you want to verify that your messages are encrypted, you can just view the conversation’s device keys. You can do that by opening a new secret conversation with someone.

Then tap their name at the top-side.

Then tap on Device Keys.

Then compare your device key with the other person’s device key to make sure that they match. So if the device keys match, then the encrypted conversation is on.

Note: The Secret Conversations feature is only available in the Facebook Messenger mobile app, and both users must have the latest version of Facebook Messenger which has this feature included.

Also note that an encrypted conversation on one device cannot be used on another device. So you’ll have to repeat the same process above to start a new encrypted conversation.

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