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Shopify and Facebook are now making small businesses and firms to sell products on social media fastera and easily. Shopify announced that online sellers will now be able to use Facebook Messenger to sell stuffs directly to customers.

Shopify and Facebook teamed up before to offer businesses in a fast and streamlined way in order to give customer service using Facebook Messenger. With that, customers could easily communicate with the business owners at their convenience. 

Businesses can now show products and provide sales support in real time instead of just telling customers about the products and help them find what they are looking for.

How it Works?

Selling products on Facebook Messenger is extremely easy and the service works by making online businesses with a Facebook Page to be able to use Shopify's Messenger sales channel to share product catalogs and promote items while chatting with customers on Facebook's messaging app.

The businesses representatives can simply answer questions in real time just like customers shop, which makes it a great way to suggest and link to products, make use of up-selling opportunities and provide a tailored customer support. The whole transaction is done right on Messenger when a customer decides to make a purchase, which shorted the further step of heading to a separate website or payment processor to complete the transactions.

How to Start Shopping on Facebook

In order to start shopping on Facebook Messenger as a customer, all you have to do is just start a conversation with the representative of the online shop and click on the "Shop Now" button to open a product catalog within Messenger and begin browsing through the products you would like to buy. Customers can simply tap on the buy button and enter their payment information in order to make a purchase. So by default, the Shopify's checkout portal is integrated into Messenger, which makes it a hassle-free process for customers and sales reps. 

One of the advantages of using this service is that it makes it easier for customers to stay in touch after purchasing products. They can easily contact Shopify businesses as easily as contacting friends and family on Messenger whether they are trying to get a shipping update or want to learn more about new products. 

For those shops and businesses looking for a way to showcase their whole product catalog and sell on Facebook also have the option of launching an online store right from their Facebook Page. 

The Shopify's Facebook Pages integration allows retailers to create a dedicated tab on their business Page, which makes it easier for followers to shop right from the Facebook app. This works by syncing products that are already available on an existing Shopify-based online store. Furthermore, businesses without an e-commerce website also have the option of using their Shopify dashboard to upload products, and then open their Facebook-powered storefront. 

So have this in mind that before you can use the Facebook Messenger for direct sales or create a shoppable Facebook Page, you must subscribe on Shopify and also have a business Facebook Page.

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