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One of the most annoying we usually faced with Smartphones is digging through thousands of photos and can simply get what you are looking for. The simplest way to arrange your files and manage your photos is using tags. You can quickly label your photos and find them when you need to see them again with just a few well-thought tags.

Tagging your media files smartly is one of the techy habits you should try to cultivate in order to make things easier when searching for some media files. So we’ve got an app called Taggle. Taggle is an easy to use and free iPhone app that helps you to tag and organize your photos neatly.

The latest iOS upgrade to the camera does helps a lot in organizing your photos in Albums. The tile view consists of two new albums called People and Places. You can now search for specific items in a photo as well.

For instance, if you type in “water” in the search box, it will query outs any photos taken near water. There is a new tab at the bottom side of the Photos app known as Memories and it’s a photo curator around location and dates. With that, you can ask Siri to search for photos by specific date, time frame or location.

However, using “tags” is still the most flexible ways to organize your photos and that is where the Taggle app comes in.

Assuming you clicked a photo of your pet either a cat or dog. You can quickly use Taggle to give it a specific tag.

Taggle also saves you the stress of moving photos in and out of albums. All you have to do is just to select one or more photos and tag them with a swipe. You can watch the video below for a better demonstration:

Create a new account and give the app access to your photos. Taggle gives you the choice to convert album titles to tags without have an effect on your gallery. 

You can easily tag, share, delete photos, and even lock some private ones in the app’s private gallery. You can also search quickly with the help of the Tag Bar on the left. Just select a tag and see all the photos labelled with it.

You can also organize multiple photos with the Double Touch features which allow you to select all photos taken at the same time and place. You can also use the Point Touch features to pick the all photos in between the first and last in the series.

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