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The iOS 10 included a lot of changes and functionality to the iPhone devices, except that one of the more annoying features comes in one aspect of the new iMessage features: stickers.

They are usually an oversized emojis that you have to install on your phone in order to send them. They can as well overlap text and images in your iMessages app, unlike emojis. Fortunately, if you’re sick and tired of the stickers your friends are sending you, you can just delete them. So we’ll explain how you can install and delete stickers on iPhone.

How to Install Stickers

In case you’re interested in and fond of sending and receiving funny stickers, you can just install the Stickers packs from the iMessage App store. You can do this by opening up a new message and tap the App Store button. Then tap the button with four circles at the bottom right-hand corner, and then tap the Store button with a plus sign.

Doing this will open the iMessage App Store where you can easily see all the free and paid apps or sticker packs particularly designed for use in the iMessage app only. 

How to Delete Stickers

Are sick and tired of some annoying stickers and would like to delete the stickers that have been sent to you or even the ones that you have sent? Just go to the message, tap and hold down the sticker until a menu appears.

So in case the sticker was sent as a lone message, just tap More, and select the sticker as you would any message you want to delete from iMessages.

Now in case the sticker is placed over text or images in your conversation, the method to delete this is a little different. For instance, if you are to use the method above, you’ll delete both the sticker and the message it was placed over. But in case you only want delete the sticker, just tap and hold down the sticker until a menu appears, and click on Sticker Details.

Then a separate window with the message details i.e. the time, the sender’s name, a timestamp, and a link to the sticker in the iMessage App Store will open. So just swipe to the left and delete the sticker.

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