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The new Android 7.0 Nougat brought multi-window or split-screen views feature to the Android platform, but it has one flaw which is: you can't simultaneously use the same app on multi-window or split-screen mode. So what’s the use of it, if it doesn’t has the ability to open the same app at once.

Fortunately, there's an app called Parallel Windows that fixes it. Parallel Windows gives you the ability to view the same app side by side your screen. This makes things easier when carrying out multiple conversations in Whatsapp or just want to view multiple tabs at once in Whatsapp.

So the app is presently in its Alpha version, so it may not work with some apps and can also contain some bugs. So here's how to use the Parallel Window app to view split-screen of the same apps in Nougat:

Download and Install Parallel Windows for Nougat on Google Play Store.

Open the app and click on the checkbox next to "I have read and understood".

Then tap on "Continue."

Then turn on the switch close to Enable Accessibility Service. 

Open your Settings.

Then tap on Accessibility under System.

Now tap on Parallel Windows for Nougat under Services.

Then turn the Off switch beside the On position.

Then tap OK.

So you can easily swipe in from the right edge of the screen whenever you want to enable the split-screen mode for the same app.

Then select the bottom button and then tap on the app.
That’s all. So like I mentioned earlier that not all apps will work well with it, but hopefully the apps you use will!

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