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Apple is always one of the first phone manufacturers that does weird things on their products and give you some shit reasons they did that. You should probably know what I am talking about now.

There has been a big deal commotion about Apple’s removal of the headphone jack in iPhone 7 which is the latest version of iPhone 7. That simply implies that you only have one port on the phone now. And how do you charge and listen to music at the same time as you used to with the iPhone 6 downward? Luckily for you we have some alternatives you can try out.

A lot of people are concerned with the reasons why Apple removed the headphone jack in the initial place. While, their marketing department would like you to think it was all about “courage” but there are really more practical reasons they did so. The iPhone device is a very great handheld computer, so it’s a computer packed in severely limited room and if Apple is to keep improving the device and adding some new features, something had to go.

Well the reasons they did that are very simple: Apple wanted to improve the camera and battery life, which are two things users often pay attention to beyond others. 

Alas, removing the headphone jack means perhaps pushing away a lot of users, or creating inconvenience and unhappiness to users. Fortunately, there are a lot of way outs to this problem Apple created themselves. So there are ways you can use to charge and listen to music simultaneously.

Using Dongles and Docks

Honestly, a lot of people including myself aren’t big fans of dongles or docks, but this may perhaps be your number one alternative until the headphone/charger manufacturers built and work out something more elegant.

Well for those who’re still clinging to their old analog headphones, Apple will add a special dongle that will let you plug into the iPhone 7’s Lightning port. So to replace or get a second dongle, you’ll have to pay $9 to order it from Apple.

But the dongle will not let you charge the device and listen to music at the same time.

So for that, you’ll need something a little more specialized. You have to get a dock with a Lightning passthrough and analog headphone jack for $39. You can also find docks that are similar to the one Apple selling on Amazon for $10 more.

Lightning docks are perfectly good on any bedside nightstand, except that it’s perhaps not something most people want to travel around with.

So in case you’re considering the Lightning headphones, manufacturers such as Belkin are already stepping in with dual-Lightning adapters. With that you can easily plug in both a Lightning charger and a pair of Lightning headphones. Sadly, this is going to cost you $40, which is very pricey and high for most users and most users will already be unwilling to buy it.

The Belkin’s Lightning Audio + Charge RockStar dongle will meet what you need exactly which is listening to music & charging simultaneously, but of course it’ll cost you.

Well if you can wait for a little bit longer, then we’re certain that we’ll be seeing numerous of these accessories in a much lower price range hitting the market soon. However, it’s good to know that you’re not stuck waiting for way outs when you have new iPhone.

You can always use Bluetooth

Apple’s solution to this music/charging problem is very simple but of course always pricey. The Apple’s new AirPods ($159) are on the whole fancy, glorified Bluetooth-but-better-than-Bluetooth earbuds with a proprietary wireless chip embedded within them. They include all sorts of technology like accelerometers and microphones.

The Apple’s AirPods looks good, fancy and are filled with high tech features but for $159, and you better hope not to lose them. It is very easy to lose them because of their small size.

You can also get yourself a pair of Bluetooth headphones, which are many in the market and can be bought for around $20.

You can always find decent Bluetooth headphones much cheaper than Apple’s AirPods because not every will be using some of the features added to the AirPods.

The downside of using Bluetooth is that it doesn’t offer audio quality as good as wired headphones. However they free you from dongles and docks, which is a good advantage.

Obviously, we’ll be seeing quite a few innovations sprouting up in the next few months as the iPhone 7’s presence on the market gains high momentum. So you should expect to see battery cases with Lightning and analog headphone jacks, and maybe a wired Lightning headphones with a built-in splitter or a simple Lightning pass through. Confidently, the appropriate accessories will make that missing headphone jack no big deal.

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