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The SkyBell HD is a video doorbell gadgets that enables you see a live video view of who’s at your door, and even interacts with them via the speaker. And because it deals with video there are always some issues with the video quality. 

However if you have a good internet connection then you shouldn't worry about the video quality. But in case your internet connection isn’t that good, there's always a way to optimize the video quality in order to make the video stream clearer and also increase the quality.

Even though your router may be placed near the SkyBell, it doesn’t still mean that the SkyBell will have a good signal. The exterior walls usually comprise of thicker and more hard-wearing material than interior walls, and these can hinder wireless signals. Wi-Fi speeds usually get cut off in half as soon as you walk out to the front door.

Thus, you might not be able to stream video at 1080p from your SkyBell, even if it’s capable of doing that. But, the good news here is that you can manually change the video quality of the SkyBell HD. This is something the Ring Doorbell is lacking from.

The SkyBell HD has the ability to record and stream video as high as 1080p. But you can always tune it down to as low as 480p i.e. if your Wi-Fi connection is very slow, and there are also many quality settings in between.

So to change the video quality of your SkyBell HD video doorbell, open up the SkyBell app on your phone.

Then tap on the Settings icon (gear icon) at the top-right corner of the screen.

Then select “Image Quality”.

Now there are four available settings you can select from: 480p, 720p (Good), 720p (Better), and 1080p.

Tap on any one you want and then tap on “Save” at the top-right corner.

Then from there your SkyBell will start recording and streaming video with the video quality you select. And always keep in mind that it is the lower quality you select that the SkyBell will record exactly. So you have it set at 480p, it’s not likely that you’ll all the details in videos. 

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