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The October month symbols the National Cyber Security Awareness Month, which is an important campaign to help educate people about the significance of being secured, vigilant and safe when on the internet.

We need to know how we can protect ourselves, our identity and our important information in this era where cyber attacks are becoming rampant. One of the recent infographic from Digital Guardian has explained how to be safe on the internet, what we can do to recognize and avoid phishing attacks.

First of all, what is Phishing? Phishing is one of the attacks used by cybercriminals to deceive people into sharing their personal information or installing malware software. Once they’ve stolen your information, you are now open to a whole world of fraud and they start ripping off money from you.

Cybercriminals often use emails that looks legitimate in order to trick users, so one of the best ways to avoid a Phishing attack is to keep your eyes open for any signs. So always make sure you check information about email address or installing software before sharing your important and crucial information. 

Always check the email address before you reply even though its shows in the mail message that it’s from a company or service you use. You can contact the company’s or person’s number before sending any information or money to check that it actually came from them if you are in doubt through a known number.

You can also use this technique to identify Vishing and Smishing. ‘Vishing’ is when people contact you via the phone and ‘Smishing’ is when people try to deceive you via text message.

You should try to read the infographic below and remember to apply your common sense.

Featured photo credit: Digital Guardian via digitalguardian.com

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