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If you haven’t seen LG’s smart Refrigerator, then it might be a bit difficult for you to tell if it is a tablet or a refrigerator. LG has presented the world with its Smart Instaview Door-in-Door refrigerator which is powered by Windows 10. The Smart Refrigerator features a superb display located on the door of the refrigerator which is embedded in a 29 inches Windows powered tablet. You just have to see this fridge because it is amazing.

Generally speaking, the fridge has the same design features as the Samsung Family Hub which is a set of refrigerators that have large digital screens installed on their doors. What really differentiates Samsung’s Family Hub from LG’s Instaview is that whereas the Family Hub runs on Tizen Software with a screen display size of 21.5 inches, LG’s Instaview runs on Windows 10 and of course has a bigger screen display size.

Instaview Refrigerator lets you share reminders, create notes, synchronize with your mobile apps and so much more. Just like a normal tablet, you can drag icons on the screen, set up a countdown timer, set reminders for the expiration date of milk you left inside the fridge etc. but that isn’t the coolest part. Since the fridge is powered by Windows 10, you can play your favorite videos and audio and surf the internet. Cool Hun!

Still being a novel technology, you may not be able to play video games or Skype with it yet. There is a good possibility that LG will include these features in future versions of the fridge. But for now, you can take advantage of Microsoft Digital Assistant; Cortana. It a program that lets you control the refrigerator using your voice.

LG’s Instaview refrigerator is truly a smart refrigerator. It comes with an inbuilt 2 MP camera which lets you see what’s inside your refrigerator using your mobile device. Another cool thing about the refrigerator is that the display can become translucent, allowing you get a better view of what is inside your fridge. 

Even without the Smart features, LG’s Instaview is still cool. It comes with two really big doors, two small fridge compartment, and lots of shelves where you can keep your stuff. Other than the expansive storage, LG’s Instaview lets you choose the styling that fits your kitchen the best.

LG has combined innovation and technology in creating this amazing fridge. With LG’s Instaview, you can be assured that you whatever you keep inside will stay fresh. With the fridge running on the latest LG’s Compressor Technology, you can be assured of high operating efficiency and unbeatable reliability. 

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