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Though being the latest version of all Microsoft Windows, Windows 10 has its own set of problems. Ever since its launch in July last year, complaints have been pouring in from users.

This problem is very common among users who upgraded from lower versions of Windows. But you don’t have to throw your PC into the ocean if it has been given you troubles. We shall be looking into some tools which you can use to trouble shoot your PC if it has been given you problems. But first, you have to ensure that your system is well protected and updated.

1. FixWin 10

FixWin 10 is an excellent troubleshooting tool that comes with Windows 10. This means you don’t have to download and install it.

The tool has sections which can be used to fix so many problems Windows 10 may develop. For instance, the Welcome section lets you repair corrupted files and create a restore point for your PC. 

With the System Tools section, you can troubleshoot problems affecting Device Manager, Task Manager and Registry Editor.

If you having trouble locating the fix you are looking for, then you might have to turn to Windows 10 section where you will find solution to whatever problem your PC may be having.

2. Driver Booster

A faulty driver is most times responsible for hardware problems Windows 10 often times encounter. If you are having this kind of problem, then taking advantage of some free troubleshooting tool will be the best thing to do. One of the free trouble shooting tools you can use is Drive Booster. 

Drive booster can automatically update your drivers and in so doing saves you tons of time and energy. It also creates automatic restore points which are very useful when updating your drivers.

3. O&O Shut Up 10

Users of Windows 10 often go through the headache of juggling between so many privacy issues. To make life easy, you will have to customize some of the privacy settings. O&O Shut Up 10 lets you do this. The tool comes with 9 sections which lets you solve some form of problem of the other. To execute all recommend actions the program says, click the “Actions” button which can be found in the dropdown menu.

4 Ultimate Windows Tweaker 4

This tool is made by the same company that made FixWin 10. This is quite obvious considering that the two programs have similar interface.

With Ultimate Windows Tweaker 4, you can in no time disable, hide, enable and eliminate some Window’s 10 features which you feel are unnecessary. 

The tool has more than 200 Window’s tweak which you can use in solving most Window’s 10 issues.

5. Missed Features Installer 10

Compared with other version of Windows, Windows 10 has the best structure, cutting out most flaws contained in lower Windows version. But there can’t be a Window’s 10 without Windows 7. This is where the program comes into play because it lets you enjoy most of the programs that comes with Window’s 7.

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