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Apple Pay is now of the most used and popular online paying services since the arrival of it on macOS Sierra. Apple Pay was once the domain of iPhone and Watch users, but since it has arrived on macOS Sierra how are you going to use it. 

Presently, the number of online merchants using Apple Pay is to some extent small, but as more knows about it you can expect the increase in number of people using it.

So to use Apple Pay on your Mac, ensure you are ready to set it up for use. But you will still need an iPhone to complete the Apple Pay transactions, and make sure Continuity is enabled between your iPhone and Mac also. Additionally, this feature will only work on Safari.

The first thing to do is to go to a website that supports Apple pay. As expected, Apple.com is already set up to handle such transactions, so we’ll be carrying out an example transaction there.

So select the items you want and place it in your shopping carts or bag. Now if the site supports Apple Pay, then you’ll see a “Check out with Apple Pay” option in the paying option list. Then select it.

So just go through the following transaction, and click on the black Apple Pay button.

Then a pop up window will then appear asking you to verify the transaction on your iPhone.

Then you’ll be asked on your iPhone to verify by placing your finger on the Touch ID sensor. So in case want to use your Apple Watch to pay, then you just have to press the side button twice to complete the transaction.

That’s all. So once the transaction is finished, you will receive a transaction confirmation and e-mailed an invoice.

An in case you’re having doubts about using the Apple Pay to buy things on the Internet, then be rest assured, because it’s more secure than using a credit or debit card. Apple Pay uses a single-use token with each transaction i.e it doesn’t send out your card information during the sale. The process takes place between your Mac and iPhone or Watch instead.

Like we mentioned earlier that the number of supported websites presently is small, but that’s to be expected to change in the approaching months. 

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