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The vibe of Pokémon Go seems to have caught up with everyone in town. The game is really making waves. The most amazing thing about the game is that it has soured in popularity despite having a very simple gaming graphics. No matter your level of play with the game; pro or beginner, this article will take you through every bend and nuances of the game. You will learn all tricks you need to know in boosting your portfolio on the game.

Selecting the best starter Pokémon  

Just like every other game played on mobile devices, you first have to start by selecting a starter. There are three of them on Pokémon; Charmander, Bulbasaur and Squirtle. Don’t give yourself too much headache trying to select the right starter. Pikachu is yet another starter in the game, but it is most times hidden. 

Tips for finding the best wild Pokémon

The goal of Pokémon is to get you to explore the world around you. You can only find Pokémon when you go wandering outside. A GPS signal on your phone will help track your location, spawning Pokémon for you to capture based on your location. If you are near water, psychic water-based Pokémon will be spawned for you. Though there are times water-based Pokémon are spawned for you even if you are not close to water. It is your location that really matters.

Tips for finding Pokémon

#1. You will find a small tab just at the lower right of the screen, where all nearby Pokémon are displayed. When you tap this tab, your distance from the nearest Pokémon will be displayed. When the distance reads 3, it means the Pokémon is far, 2 is somewhat far, 1 is near. You can’t really tell the direction of the Pokémon from these figures, and so you have to monitor the change in footstep of the Pokémon.

#2. When you click on a close by Pokémon, your distance from it will be displayed. By moving your mobile device in different directions, a green light will eventually show on the white rectangle, thus pointing the right direction of the Pokémon. As you move closer to the Pokémon, the pulsing ring of your trainer will be changed, while the footsteps will fall from 3 through 2 and 1 to 0. The moment you are where the Pokémon is, the counter will disappear. To make the creature resurface again, click on the screen and wait for 10 seconds.

#3. After tapping the screen and the Pokémon appears, just click on it and the catching process will start all over again.

#4. If a Pokémon slips off you  while attempting to catch it, there is a good chance it is still somewhere on the map. Just make another attempt.

#5. Lure and Incense modules will be your best ally. You can buy Incense in the Pokémon Go shop. This will attract the Pokémon, increases the possibility of getting hold of a rare Pokémon. Incense makes them unwilling to flee when you chase them.

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