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When running aggregation or curation site or a blog, it is important to know how to make improvement on on-page SEO. Before going too far, it is important to bear in mind that search engines detest finding two pieces of similar items on different locations. This means on no account should you duplicate texts when running aggregation sites. 

Search engines will only pick up original contents. Something completely fresh and not duplicated. Rearranged contents don’t fall into this category. 

Descriptions can be afforded to be neglected when running SEO campaigns for blog posts and websites. To make SEO work for your site, you can’t just afford to duplicate contents. In this article, I will be sharing tips that curators can use to ensure the success of their SEO campaign. 

Tip 1: Get your acts together 

This is a fundamental checklist when running SEO on WordPress sites, and can be used on other sites. The first thing to do is to have WordPress SEO developed by Yoast, installed. When it comes to SEO plugin, this is the best. I suggest you leave the default setting the way it is. 

It is important to have Google Webmaster and Google Analytics tool installed. Google Webmaster becomes needful when trying to create sitemap. Insert one or two keywords on your home page which must be either placed on your site’s description or title. Inserting key phrases sets you ahead of competition, as it is easy for site engines to locate websites with key words linked to each page.

Tip 2: Avoid duplicating contents, but create from the scratch

Curation and Aggregation sites often run into trouble here; retrieving contents from other sites. Duplicating contents only makes you lose out on SEO. 

You will definitely need some amount of creativity in drafting original and fresh contents. Creativity gets sharpened when you create content on your own. But if your creative edge isn’t sharp enough, you can consider using templates. Ensure the subject or topic is one you are very familiar with. Writing frequently will also be of great help here. On the average, you should be able to craft 400 words article based on niches you are knowledgeable of. There are lots of helpful information online, so take advantage of them.

Tip 3: Keep an eye on incoming and outgoing links

Here is where curation and aggregation sites stand out from the rest. The web is connected by links, and curation sites have lots of them. Your curation site should be well optimized to attract external links. 

Resource pages that are well curated, points of attraction for Google, provided they have something good to offer. 

To have lots of linkable contents, ensure links are activated, and category pages archived. Pages that offer lots of value and are specific in nature often attract more links. One of the most difficult parts of running SEO, is link building. However, it doesn’t have to be difficult all the time as there are lots of online resources to help you with it.

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