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It’s true that raw cookie does not contain egg, but eating a bit of it, or taking some from cake bowl can break down your body system. This warning was issued by the U.S Food and Drug Administration on 28th June. According to FDA it isn’t just cookie’s dough you should avoid by all means, bread, pizza and tortillas dough equally needs to be kept at arm’s length. 


Some deadly bacteria are contained in flour no matter what it is intended to be used for. Most people already know that unprepared dough poses health threat when eaten due to the raw egg it contains, which leads to Salmonella when eaten. Other than Salmonella, raw dough can cause you to fall sick when it gets eaten due to strands of E coli it contains. It is hard to see flour that has been treated of bacteria. 

The FDA has collaborated with Centers for Disease Control (CDC) in finding out the root cause of the infectious disease that recently broke out, which is believed to be caused by flour. Studies have revealed that scores of Americans have taken ill due to E coli O121. The first case of the illness was reported in December 2015, after 10 victims were taken to the hospital. It was then discovered that most of the victims ate raw dough made of flour produced by General Mills of Kansas City. It was also discovered that it was the same bacteria that caused the illness in the patients.

After the findings of the report were published, General Mills had to recall 10 million pounds of its flour to curb further spread of E. coli. Other flour makers affected were Wondra, Signature Kitchens, and Gold Medal.

Some restaurants who had bought the recalled bags of flour, allowed kids to play around with raw dough, while meals were being prepared. The restaurants have been advised by CDC to desist from such. 

Symptoms and solution

The major symptoms of E coli are diarrhea, extreme stomach pains and consistent vomiting. Even though most patients recover after a week, some come down with kidney complications known as hemolytic-uremic syndrome. The people that suffer diseases caused by E coli are children within the age bracket of 5 and 10, and senior citizens whose immune system has waned. However, there is nothing to be afraid of. Here are precautionary steps you can take;

Avoid eating raw dough when preparing cakes, cookie etc.
Ensure baking instruction for each recipe, is followed to the last instruction, especially for baking temperature
Always keep your work surface clean at all times. Get your hands and the utensils you made use of thoroughly washed.
Keep flour away from other foods, to prevent it from contaminating other foods, due to its powdery nature.
Keep to all instruction written on the label of the flour brand you buy

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