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The modern technology is rapidly evolving from a wired to a wireless area very fast because more people are now using mobile devices, such as laptops, tablets, and phones, and now moving away from conventional computers.

We can now connect all sort of devices which include headphones, speakers, mice, keyboards, and other peripherals that are able to connect wirelessly to virtually any device with the use of Bluetooth.

Bluetooth is a common wireless technology that lets you pair devices and also use for listening to music, sharing files wirelessly.  Bluetooth is a ubiquitous wireless technology that broadcasts data to and fro between devices with a short distance. It helps you to dispose of cables.

Obviously, Windows 10 has support for Bluetooth and also making it easier to connect different peripherals with this wireless technology.

In this guide, we're going to discuss on how to share files over Bluetooth on your Windows 10 devices easily and i.e. if your computer has support for this type of wireless connectivity. 

Step 1:
How to Pair Bluetooth device on Windows 10

The first thing we have to do before anything else is to make sure Bluetooth is enabled on your Windows 10 pc. And of course, Bluetooth must be enabled before we can proceed. 

So to know if Bluetooth installed on your computer, just press the Windows key + X shortcut button and then click on Device Manager. You should be able to see Bluetooth listed in the device tree. So after you must have verified that Bluetooth is installed on your computer, then you can proceed.

So the next thing you need to do is to pair your phone with your Windows 10 computer.

In order to do that, you’ll have to enable Bluetooth on your smartphone or any other Bluetooth device you want to use. 

Then on your Windows 10, navigate to Settings > Devices > Bluetooth. Your smartphone or Bluetooth device should appear in the Bluetooth Window. So once your device appears in the Bluetooth window, click on it and then click on Pair.

Then you can click yes to verify that the passcode matches on both your phone and computer.

So you can just wait for a few seconds while both devices are paired. 

That’s it! You’ve successfully paired your smartphone or Bluetooth device to your Windows 10 pc.

Step 2
How to Transfer Files Over Bluetooth on Windows 10

So the next thing here is to transfer files since you’ve successfully paired both your computer and smartphone or Bluetooth device together.

Note that the procedures will be different depending on the mobile platform or OS you are using. 

To send files from your smartphone, select the files you would like to share on your smartphone, then tap on the Share button and then tap on Bluetooth options.

Then select the computer Bluetooth device you would like to transfer your files to and wait while the files are sent.

Now to send files from Windows 10, in the Bluetooth window, click on Send or receive files via Bluetooth button. Then click on Send files, select your Bluetooth enabled device and then click on Next button.

So browse to the files you would like to share and then on your smartphone, tap on “Accept” button to receive the files.

Troubleshooting Bluetooth Tips

So in case you come across any trouble when pairing devices, you can just press Windows key + Q then type: devices and printers then press Enter.

Then click on Add Device, select your Bluetooth enabled device and then click on Next. You device will be displayed in the Devices and Printers window once it is paired with your computer.

Also, updating your phone firmware or computers chipset drivers can fix issues with Bluetooth not working or pairing with device.

In case you can’t find the Bluetooth section on Devices settings page that means there may be issues with the Bluetooth driver. You can press the Windows key + X shortcut button and then click on Device Manager to verify that the Bluetooth driver is present and installed correctly. In case you can’t find the Bluetooth driver installed, you should try to download and reinstall the latest Bluetooth driver from your computer's manufacturer support website.

However, if the issue is with the speakers, headphones, mouse, or keyboard, you can just turn off the peripheral, and turn it back on to try again.

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