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The ability to Whitelist email addresses is an important feature in many applications. Whitelisting emails is one of the best options you could use to make sure a particular email address mails are important and those mails are not going to your spam or junk.

For instance if you’ve signed up for ScholarsGlobe's newsletter or other great publications but aren’t receiving them properly, probably they are going to the junk or spam folders. So it’s a great idea to whitelist these addresses that are sending these mails to ensure they don’t go to your junk or spam.

Most of these Email services like Gmail, Yahoo and so on add this feature to their email service. So in this article, we'll show you how to whitelist email address in Yahoo mail.

The first thing to do is to login to your Yahoo account. Then click on the gear icon at the top-right corner of Yahoo mail and select Settings. Then select Filters on the next menu and click on Add to create a new one. 

So from there, you can set up the rule.

Now give the filter a name in order to remember it by, and in the Sender field, make sure the box is set to Contains and type in the email address that you want to whitelist. Also, you could set this to something like “@fundomain.com” to allow all emails that come from a specific domain.

Then you can leave the other fields blank except if you want to enter a subject, then make sure that these emails are delivering to the Inbox folder. 

That's all.

In order to quickly create a filter from a mail in your inbox, click on the mail and select More at the top of the Inbox. Then select Filter Messages Like This and you’ll get the same screen, pre-populated with info from a particular message. 

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