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It is very hard and stressful to track or know exactly how many times your files are being downloaded especially when using cloud services. Cloud services like Dropbox, Google Drive, and Box don’t offer a direct or free way to know how many times your files are being downloaded when it comes to tracking your files.

There are other ways to track how many times your files are downloaded without using Cloud services which are; using an analytics service such as Google Analytics that requires an advanced understanding of programming language and access to the backend of your site. Or using server-side language like PHP or client-side language like Javascript to track how many times your file is downloaded.

So in case would like to use an easy way to track how many times your files are downloaded, you can followed the guide provided below. We've explained three ways you can track how many times your files are downloaded easily which are;

1. Using a URL Shortener

You can easily use an URL shortener like Bit.ly or Google URL shortener when sharing the link to your file publicly if you want people to download it and also wants to track how many times the file is being downloaded. So you can log in to your url shortener account to view the latest links you’ve shortened, and the number of times that particular link has been clicked.


2. Using a Third-Party Service

You can use a third-party website like Orangedox which makes it very easy to track how often your file is downloaded i.e. if you are using Dropbox. So you'll have to sign in to Orangedox with your dropbox account..

So Orangedox free account offer you 50 share links and 60 days metric history. You can get unlimited links, history and shortened or custom URLs for $10 per month .

Once you've allowed Orangedox to have access to your Dropbox account, you can easily browse your Dropbox files directly from the Orangedox site and generate a share link as well. So you can use that link on your website and each time someone downloads your file, it will be tracked by Orangedox.

3. Using Box’s Native Tracking

Box cloud storage service is the only service that offer a tracking built-in feature, except that it requires a paid upgrade to a Business account. All the three levels of Business accounts, beginning at $5 per month, give users the access to view and download stats for each file they share.

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