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Screenshot is a great way of showing a point, building a case and documenting things with image. It has been very easy to capture your screen with the Print screen button on most computers. 

But because Chromebooks lacks some nice features, it is quite a bit wearisome when taking screenshot. Taking screenshot on Chrome OS can’t be compared to how you can also do the same thing on Windows or Mac laptops.

Chromebooks also lack the Print Scr button which is generally used to take a screenshot, just like Mac. Instead, you can use keys combinations and shortcut keys to take Screenshots.

So here’s how to do so

There are three ways you can take screenshots which are:
i. Press the combination of + Ctrl button together to take a screenshot of your current window.

ii. Press the combination of  + Ctrl + Shift button together if you want to take a screenshot of a partial window.

iii. Press and hold down the trackpad and drag to preview the area of the partial window you would like to capture.

Then click on the pop-up notification to open the saved screenshots.

You can also click on the grid at the bottom- left side of the screen to find the Files app, as an alternative to find the saved files.

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