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Customizing Windows PC to their taste is one of the things PC users wants. There are many ways you can customize Windows PC to your own and one the best ways to do so is to customize your desktop background. Wallpapers and live wallpapers are often used to customize desktop background. But do you know that you can customize your desktop background further.

Are you sick of having a boring static or live image as your wallpaper on your Windows PC? Do you now that you can set a webpage as your wallpaper? Yes, you can and it is very possible to do so.

We found an app known as WallpaperWebPage, which makes this possible for you to set a webpage as your desktop background wallpaper.

So we are going to show you how to do this

Note: This has some drawbacks which will be explained later in this guide, and does let you put a desktop on your wallpaper, as promised.

The first thing to do is to download the app from this site, then install it. 

So once you've download and install the app, an icon will come up in the system tray. Just right-click on it, and then click on Configure. 

Then enter the full domain or address for the webpage you want it to appear, and then it’ll appear on your desktop. 

You can also use the Autostart option, which will let you choose whether you want the program auto run when restart or turn ON your PC. Then you can use the Exit option to close the program whenever you wish.


This doesn’t replace wallpaper, but rather overlays on top of it. Therefore you won't be able to see icons or the traditional desktop context menu on the desktop.

Also some sites will have script errors that always popup up every time it auto-reloaded.

If truth to be told it’s not a perfect solution, but it works fine with setting ScholarsGlobe as the wallpaper, and also Google worked great.

You can use any site that doesn't contains huge scripts errors. So make sure the site you are using doesn't contain enormous scripts errors.

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