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The “Smart Lock” feature on Chrome OS lets you to connect your Chromebook to your Android phone, in order to use it to automatically unlock your Chromebook when the Android phone is near and unlocked.

With this feature, you can use your Android to unlock your Chromebook and this relieve you the stress of entering password manually anytime you want to unlock your Chromebook.
The “Smart Lock” feature on Android 5.0 also lets you to automatically unlock your Android phone with Bluetooth. Setting this up is not that difficult and stressful.
So here’s how to do just that,


In order to use the Smart lock feature, you’ll need a few things:
You need a Chromebook with Bluetooth capability running on Chrome OS 40 or newer. Well this is now the latest stable version of Chrome OS.

You’ll also need an Android phone with Bluetooth capability running on Android 5.0 or newer. 

So you can set up Smart Lock easily once you have all the above requirements. And also, some people have reported problems about this feature. But, you won’t get locked out of your Chromebook by setting this up. Even though it doesn’t work or your phone is not with you, you can still log in manually with your password.

So the first thing to do is to open the Settings app on your Chromebook. You can do that by clicking the menu button and then select settings or click the “system tray” area at the bottom-right corner of your screen and select Settings.

Then click on “Show advanced settings” at the bottom-side of the page and then navigate to the “Smart Lock” tab. Also, you can type “Smart Lock” into the search box on the Settings page to quickly find the tab.

Then click on “Set Up Smart Lock” below the “Smart Lock” header. Then sign in again with your password on your Chromebook. This helps to prevents people to have access to your Chromebook from connecting it to their phones. So it’ll need your password in order to pair it with a phone.

After signing in, then you’ll be presented with a “Let’s get started” wizard 

So this wizard will take you through the procedure of setting up the Smart Lock feature, which of course will need both your Chromebook and Android Bluetooth enable and nearby. So click the “Find your phone” button, then make sure you unlock your phone if it is locked and click on “Use this phone” button to use that phone.

Now make sure you signed in to the same Google account on your Chromebook and Android phone. Then you’ll see a pop-up message on your phone which indicates everything worked properly.

So after setting this up, then your phone can be used to unlock any Chromebook you want to sign in on. This preference syncs between all the Chromebooks you use i.e. you can use your phone to unlock any Chromebooks you signed in with the same Google account on your phone.

Unlocking Your Chromebook with Smart Lock

Once Smart Lock feature is enabled, you’ll notice a lock icon on your Chromebook’s lock screen whenever you’re signing in. You can just click the icon to log in without entering your password manually as usual. Provided that your Android phone is with you and unlocked, once you clicked that icon, you’ll be logged in automatically. So make sure your Android phone is unlocked when using this feature. 

However, the Smart Lock feature is an extra feature. So don’t forget that you can always log in with your password manually if you decide not to use your phone, or your phone is off. So Smart Lock is simply another more convenient way to log in.

So in case you’d want to disable the Smart Lock feature, you can just navigate back to the Settings page and click on the “Turn off Smart Lock” button.

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